EPS offers a clear view of home energy performance

In the market for a home that’s built to perform? Say hello to EPSTM. Brought to you by Energy Trust of Oregon, EPS is an energy performance score that helps smart homebuyers find homes that offer superior efficiency, comfort and savings.

EPS lets you look behind the walls to see the true energy impact of a home. It reveals the estimated monthly and annual energy costs, the environmental impact, and it highlights specific energy-efficient features. EPS allows you to see the benefits of these homes more clearly, and even offers a side-by-side comparison of how each home’s energy score stacks up against similar-sized homes in Oregon.

To receive an EPS, a home must be built to meet specific efficiency requirements and third-party tested to be at least 10 percent above code. Keep in mind, with EPS, the lower the score the better. Tongue and Groove Homes incorporates a range of energy-efficient solutions into each home we build. Common features include improved insulation, tighter construction, efficient heating and cooling and, in some instances, solar energy systems. Plus, EPS is compatible with other widely recognized energy ratings, and stands as a true symbol of top-quality construction.

Since 2009, more than 14,000 newly built homes in Oregon have received an EPS, and we’re proud to include our homes on that list.

Talk to us about our EPS rated homes, or visit www.energytrust.org/eps to learn more.

Energy Efficiency graphic from Energy Trust Oregon