The Hiatus EP1 – The Vision

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The Hiatus EP2 – Utilities

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The Hiatus EP3 – Breaking Ground

The Hiatus EP3

The Hiatus EP4 – Ground Work Complete

The Hiatus EP4

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The Hiatus is part of a new official subdivision for tiny homes in Oregon

The Hiatus is part of a new official subdivision for tiny homes in Oregon
This 598-square-foot model home is one of the almost two dozen homes that are slated to go up as part of a tiny house community.

50 Tiny Houses So Adorable We Want to Steal Them | Best Life

If you’ve ever thought of downsizing your home, these cute tiny houses might just convince you it’s time to start thinking small.

Tiny Home Policy in Bend, OR

Tiny Home Policy in Bend - Central Oregon Daily

Central Oregon Daily’s Anyssa Bohanan covers Bend’s current policy for tiny homes. The city is currently working to understand the best direction to take future policy for the small dwellings.

Bend tiny homes have to clear tall hurdles

Tiny homes from Hiatus in Bend, Oregon

An attempt to bring more and different kinds of housing to Bend is under construction, in the form of a tiny home cottage community in southeast Bend.


Tiny Homes

Tiny Home News about the Hiatus in Bend, Oregon

What was thought to be a fad in real estate in recent years doesn’t seem to be fading in popularity. In 2015 the tiny home movement caught the imagination of the producers of the popular TV series “Portlandia.” A skit by actors Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen poked fun at tiny homes. “Everything is thought out,” says Armisen’s character, showing off their own tiny house. “No waste of space anywhere.” They show a bathroom that doubles as the home office and a TV room that contains a bathtub. Humor aside, with an increasing scarcity of affordable housing in Bend, the tiny home movement seems to be gaining traction for those who want to live more efficiently on less.


Tiny homes, big movement

Outside of Tiny Home from Hiatus Homes in Bend Oregon

Did you love forts or playhouses when you were a child? There seems to be something magical about these diminutive dwellings and the fantasy they can bring, but you can carry this same intrigue into your adult living with the tiny home movement. You may have read about it or seen it on TV — people of all ages living in mini dwellings, around 200-square feet or less, built on trailer beds and filled with


Small Pleasures – 1859 Magazine

Tiny Home Neighborhood in Bend, Oregon

Two new delightful tiny home designs in Bend and Portland.


Move Over Tiny House, Tiny Tavern Brings The Fun

Tiny Taverns from Hiatus in Bend, Oregon

Fully loaded with games, taps, and barstools, the Tiny Tavern is a new spin for retail party setups that capitalizes on the surging tiny home movement.


Bend business proposes tiny-home project

Interior of a tiny home from Hiatus Homes in Bend Oregon

Jesse Russell wants Bend to be a little more like the Bend where he grew up, where working people can afford their own homes. He and his business partner and longtime friend, Kit Blackwelder, in business together as Tongue & Groove Tiny Homes, are sizing up opportunities for a tiny-home development. Tiny homes, in this case structures of 200-400 square feet, are a trend espoused by some as an option for affordable housing. Russell met